Modern Data Platform

Put evidence at the heart of business decisions and actions. Reduce the burden, cost and risk of managing, storing, and processing enterprise data.

The Modern Data Platform Blueprint is a culmination of the IP, process, and knowledge we have accrued over many years developing enterprise-class data solutions in the cloud, packaged up to help you achieve your data vision.

It builds on the latest Microsoft serverless cloud technology, combining process, data management, security, identity, and DevOps with endjin's experience and know-how to accelerate digital transformation.

Modern Data Platform Overview Video


Secure data assets and embed policy & governance


Secure-by-default with rich controls for PII, data classification and GDPR. DevOps enabled with fully version controlled cloud infrastructure, change control quality controls, and automated deployments.


Develop deep knowledge from your data


Take action with rich visualisations, alerting, and recommendations. Run real-time or batch analytics, matching your processing needs to the best compute service. Enable rapid data science experimentation; productionize and retrain models.


Put evidence at the heart of your data programme


Integrate with your digital transformation strategy. Data insight discovery, prioritization and project management process. Agile delivery & data science.

Platform as a Service

Pay for insights not infrastructure

  • Serverless by default
  • Choose your own language (R, Python, C#)
  • Industry hardened solutions & blueprints
  • Optimise for cost / performance
  • Integrate with other cloud providers
  • Lower TCO
Ingesting 200 million Messages Case Study

Accelerate your business actions

Cloud providers such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud offer a tantalizing toolbox of data services, but piecing these together can be a daunting and time consuming task.

The Modern Data Platform takes away the risk and steep learning curve, allowing you to focus on building enterprise grade data solutions.

Modern Data Platform Architecture

How does your data platform rate for cyber security controls?

The Modern Data Platform is compliant with all 14 security principles recommended by the UK National Cyber Security Centre:

  • Data in transit protection
  • Asset protection and resilience
  • Separation between users
  • Governance framework
  • Operational security
  • Personnel security
  • Secure development
  • Supply chain security
  • Secure user management
  • Identity and authentication
  • External interface protection
  • Secure service administration
  • Audit information for users
  • Secure use of the service

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is using the Modern Data Platform? >
Read the official Microsoft case study about the Modern Data Platform at TalkTalk.
How do I get going? >
The modern data platform can be purchased as a preconfigured set of core data services which include a secure store for structured and unstructured data, processing and analytics services, DevOps and automated security and data governance policy. It comes with an optional fully functioning end-to-end batch and real-time data ingestion, processing, analytics & visualization demo solution to help you get going. We also provide extensive video labs that walk you through the platform including the creation of your first pipeline. Typically we help you develop one or more data ingestion and analytics pipelines. This helps us ensure your environment is configured for your specific needs and helps us to introduce the processes and knowledge that allow data teams to quickly become self-sufficient. We also offer an iterative framework for managing and governing your data programme. This includes processes for identifying, evaluating and managing data requirements as well as security, risk and compliance assessment and mitigation.
What if I have an existing model that requires a specific distribution of Hadoop, Spark or a custom runtime? >
The Modern Data Platform fully supports bring-your-own-model and runtime scenarios. The Modern Data Platform can draw on the rich cloud IaaS, PaaS and Serverless technology offerings available on the target platform.
Does MDP come with any support for GDPR? >
Absolutely. The Modern Data Platform has built-in controls to catalogue data and track lineage. It is possible to quickly identify data sources that are affected and to take action as required. We can also offer an optional GDPR workflow solution for ticketing, actioning and automating GDPR requests.
What measures do you have for protecting personally identifiable information (PII)? >
Data protection is at the heart of the Modern Data Platform. Classifying data, whether for PII, GDPR, PCI or any other reason is crucial to managing the risk. The platform comes with data masking and data cataloging out-of-the-box. The Modern Data Platform makes it easy to implement strict security boundaries around PII data, enforce least privilege access and comes with full auditing.
Which cloud providers do you support? >
We have full support for Microsoft Azure and are working on bringing the Modern Data Platform to AWS and Google Clould Platform.
I'm a start-up, this looks perfect for my idea, but I don't think I can afford it >
We love working with start ups! We are happy to license IP, consider joint ventures, or provide services for equity.
I want to know more, what do I do? >
Chat with us online, pick a time for us to give you a call, or drop us an email at