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Power BI delivers actionable procurement insights.

Apax Partners is a global private equity investment group, focused on long-term investment in growth companies. They strive to release potential by growing their portfolio companies and realising their value at the right time.

This requires deep insight into the operational performance across their portfolio companies so they can seek opportunities for alignment and act when the time is right.

In 2017 Apax Partners turned to endjin to help with a troubled Power BI project. They needed insights across the procurement activities of their portfolio companies but were struggling to get the results they had hoped for. Performance was poor and the user experience wasn't matching expectations. The problem wasn't with Power BI, but the approach they had taken.

Endjin's Power BI Jumpstart helped Apax Partners identify and understand the insights that would provide the greatest impact. Working back from the desired outcomes, endjin were able to identify a cost effective Power BI architecture that would reliably and securely deliver insights on time, to the right audience.

Risks were identified and addressed up front, with security and performance top of the list. By the first week the main concerns were satisfied through a fully scaled working concept. Targeted visualizations directly aligned to audiences and their actions were tested and validated before being incorporated into the final solution.

Azure Data Factory provided data movement and Azure Active Directory B2B allowed reports to be consumed internally by Apax consultants and shared with portfolio companies. Row level security ensured that audiences only had access to the data they were authorized to see.

The entire DevOps enabled solution, from ingestion to insight was delivered in just 3 weeks.

Apax Partners used our Power BI Small Business blueprint, designed for your tactical reporting and data needs.

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