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Delivering powerful insight-driven consumer experiences with Power BI Embedded.

Juniper Education is a comprehensive education support service. Over 7,000 schools across 20 countries trust them to support everything from whole school effectiveness to pupil tracking, HR and finance support.

As part of a technology consolidation drive, Juniper saw the opportunity to re-imagine how data could be used to improve decision making and provide powerful new insight-driven experiences for their customers. The goal was to deliver insights that would immediately improve pupil outcomes while enabling a wider organizational data strategy to support future innovation.

They turned to endjin for their experience in helping organizations meet their data potential and of building rich insight driven applications. Endjin's Power BI jumpstart programme established the core process and technology that Juniper need to run a successful data programme. This short engagement immediately de-risked the project and established a clear delivery roadmap and flexible resourcing options. Endjin proceeded to work alongside Juniper's fledgling data team to deliver the first set of embedded insights while laying the technology, security and DevOps foundations, using Azure DevOps, needed for the internal team to be self-sufficient. The solution used Power BI dataflows to drive Power BI Embedded reports while also making data available in Azure Data Lake Store for analysis and experimentation using Azure Synapse Analytics.


The result was a new interactive reporting experience, enabling schools, teachers and multi-academy trusts to gain powerful new insights over their data, enabling them to make better decisions. At the same time, endjin were able to unlock Juniper's wider data strategy, providing the architecture, governance and tooling that would them to build new data-driven capabilities and services.

Juniper Education used our Power BI Enterprise blueprint, designed to scale to meet all your enterprise data needs.

Power BI Enterprise blueprint

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