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Realizing enterprise-scale data strategy with confidence

M&G Investments is one of the UK's largest and longest established investment houses with over £360 billion in assets under management and administration.

In 2016, M&G made the strategic decision to outsource much of their risk and portfolio management systems and to differentiate through custom products built using Azure's cloud native capabilities. M&G's technology delivery team were keen to learn from what others had already done with Azure and to adapt those learnings to their own needs. Endjin were recommended by Microsoft for their advanced knowledge & deep experience in creating innovative data solutions on Azure.

The overall objective was to rapidly speed up the process for designing, developing & delivering data pipelines while ensuring security, governance and traceability. The result was a series of innovative experiments that sought to leverage Azure's new PaaS & server-less capabilities to deliver new cloud native optimized solutions. The approach to delivery was through a rapid series of working software deliveries with tight feedback loops at every stage allowing M&G to realize their new data strategy with confidence. Partnering with endjin & Microsoft, M&G were able to deliver value at pace whilst also uplifting the skills & capabilities of the in-house teams.

M&G used our Synapse Enterprise blueprint, designed to scale to meet all your enterprise data needs.

Synapse Enterprise blueprint

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