API Economy Platform

Unlock your Digital Transformation with APIs.
Expand market reach, foster innovation, enable bimodal IT, and lower the cost of integration.

The API Economy Platform Blueprint is a culmination of the IP, process, and knowledge we have accrued throughout developing enterprise-class API solutions in the cloud, packaged up to accelerate your journey.

It can be configured to deploy specific API platform infrastructure according to the underlying workloads supporting the APIs – including .NET operations, R models, or services requiring complex data movement and processing activities.

It's based around Azure API Management, which provides the means to create and publish APIs, enforce their usage policies, control access, support the subscriber community, collect and analyze usage statistics, and report on performance.

Key Benefits

  • Choose your own language (C# / R)
  • Fully DevOps enabled
  • Industry hardened solutions & blueprints
  • Patterns for common workload scenarios
  • Built on first class Azure services
  • Integrate into wider Azure ecosystem


Secure APIs and embed policy & governance


Secure-by-default APIs, preventing unauthorised access, and protecting internal systems from the outside world. Enforce and measure existing IT and business policies, and report on how the APIs are being used.


Consolidate hetreogenous services


Hide the complexity of legacy internal systems, supporting their APIs without having to rewrite them or migrate them to the cloud. Surface .NET operations and R models through the same consistent, centralized API layer.


Streamline the route to production


DevOps enabled with fully version controlled cloud infrastructure, change control quality controls, and automated deployments, providing a frictonless path from feature development into production.

Boost your API economy

APIs are at the core of Digital Transformation – enabling the information flow throughout the digital feedback loop between customers and products. From consumer devices, to the cloud, to the enterprise data center, and at all points in-between, APIs are an essential underpinning of our modern digital world.

For many organizations, APIs are now a critical component of solutions that impact the operational bottom line. This positive effect on an organizations profitability from APIs is known as The API Economy.

The API Economy Platform Blueprint takes away the risk and steep learning curve of bringing an API based proposition to market, allowing you to focus on building enterprise grade API solutions.

With built in support and fully functioning examples for .NET and R APIs, the blueprint provides clear guidance for implementing specific workload scenarios so new features can be integrated rapidly and consistently.

Unlocking Your Digital Transformation Video

If you'd like to know more about Digital Transformation, the API Economy & Azure API Management, we've created a short 5 minute essential guide video.

Solution Architecture

The API Economy Platform Blueprint provides a ready made solution architecture to host .NET operations and R models through a consistent, centralized API layer.

Modern Data Platform Architecture

How is the API Economy Platform being used?

Boosting the API Economy with Azure PaaS and DevOps

Enabling coopetition through APIs >

Aberdeen Standard Investments saw the strategic need to deliver their services to partners and customers through public APIs. They selected endjin's best-of-breed Azure reference architecture, security framework, blueprints, and implementation services to kick-start their API Management and Delivery programme.

A Strategic Solution for the Algorithmic Economy

Unleashing the value in core data >

Hymans Robertson knew that the value in their data and algorithms could enable new business models and coopetition opportunities. With endjin's architecture blueprints, based on Azure PaaS and Microsoft R Server, they could focus on developing their products rather than the underlying technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get going? >
The API Economy Platform Blueprint can be purchased as a preconfigured set of core platform services which provides the ability to run .NET and R workloads automated through DevOps processes. It comes with fully functioning example APIs in both C# and R to help you get going. We also provide extensive video labs that walk you through the platform including the creation of your first API. Typically we help you develop one or more operations, or integrate existing systems if necessary. This helps us ensure your environment is configured for your specific needs and helps us to introduce the processes and knowledge that allow data teams to quickly become self-sufficient. We also provide an "assess and invest" framework for measuring the current state of organizational maturity around supporting an API based business model.
What if I have an existing cloud API that I want to integrate into the platform? >
The API Economy Platform fully supports bring-your-own-api scenarios. Through the Open API Specification, existing APIs can be documented and automatically imported into the platform. We can also help you to enable your existing API for DevOps processes to fully integrate it into the wider platform.
How about an internal on-premise system? >
Absolutely. With technologies like Azure Virtual Networks and ExpressRoute, Azure API Management can be configured to manage APIs that are not already accessible on the internet. Additionally, the entire API Management Gateway can be configured inside an internal virtual network to control access to the outside world.
What measures do you have for protecting and securing APIs? >
The API Economy Platform Blueprint can be configured to secure APIs using any of the scenarios supported by Azure API Management - Azure Active Directory, Client Certificates, Json Web Tokens (JWT) or IP Filtering.
I'm a start-up, this looks perfect for my idea, but I don't think I can afford it >
We love working with start ups! We are happy to license IP, consider joint ventures, or provide services for equity. See our Incubator page for more details.
I want to know more, what do I do? >
Chat with us online, pick a time for us to give you a call, or drop us an email at hello@endjin.com.