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We've combined years of real world experience, with the the latest Microsoft Big Data platforms and tools to create a set of modern data platform blueprints, designed to get you up and running quickly, at scale and with confidence.

Our experience shows most projects fit into one of four tiers of services and data sizes.

Our blueprints encapsulate the learnings of thousands of hours solving real-world data problems for our customers across a wide range of industries.

We help our customers to develop their technology strategy, built on deep insight from their data, engineered securely and efficiently in the cloud.

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Endjin are Microsoft Gold Partners for Data Platform and Data Analytics.

Evaluation Contexts in DAX - Relationships

Evaluation Contexts in DAX - Relationships

Elisenda Gascon

After learning about the two different types of evaluation contexts in our previous post, we now talk about table relationships and how these interact with the filter and row contexts to condition the output of our DAX code.
Testing Power BI Reports with the ExecuteQueries REST API

Testing Power BI Reports with the ExecuteQueries REST API

James Broome

Despite being inherently difficult to test, the need to validate data modelling, business rules and security boundaries in Power BI reports is important, as well as the need for ensuring that quality doesn't regress over time as the insights evolve. This post explains that, by executing DAX queries over underlying tabular model, it is possible to execute scenario-based specifications to add quality gates and build confidence in Power BI reports, just as any other software project.
How to Build a Branded Power BI Report Theme

How to Build a Branded Power BI Report Theme

Paul Waller

This is the first post in a series where we begin to explore how to translate a companies brand and visual identity into Power BI report, and how adopting a new platform could mean that you need to extend your visual identity and brand language to include Power BI