If your team needs to hit the ground running in an unfamiliar technology landscape, or your focus is on developing products rather than the underlying infrastructure, our pre-packaged architecture blueprints will help.

Packaged and deployed as cloud infrastructure templates for modern workload scenarios, they provide a proven architectural base for you to get up and running quickly and confidently.

Modern Data Platform Blueprint >

Businesses depend on getting data to and from the cloud securely and reliably: enriching, transforming and manipulating it.

The Modern Data Platform Architecture Blueprint is a culmination of the IP, process, and knowledge that endjin has accrued over many years developing enterprise-class data solutions in the cloud, packaged up to help you achieve your data vision.

It builds on the latest Microsoft serverless cloud technology, combining process, data management, security, identity, and DevOps with endjin's experience and know-how to accelerate digital transformation.

"The Modern Data Platform helped us navigate the complexities of security & governance as we migrated data to Azure."

— Ben Dyer, Software Development Manager, TalkTalk

API Economy Platform Blueprint >

If you're thinking about joining the API Economy or building a platform-based business, endjin's API Economy Platform Blueprint can accelerate your journey, providing a solid architectural foundation in the form of deployable infrastructure templates so you can hit the ground running on day one.

The API Economy Platform Blueprint can be configured to deploy specific API platform infrastructure according to the underlying workloads supporting the APIs – including .NET operations, R models, or services requiring complex data movement and processing activities.

It's based around Azure API Management, which provides the means to create and publish APIs, enforce their usage policies, control access, support the subscriber community, collect and analyze usage statistics, and report on performance.

"We used the solution endjin provided to accelerate our early CSP development sprints. By providing us with a blueprint, the team was able to accomplish Sprint Zero without any impediments and have gone on to build on these foundations."

— Michael Speed, Head of Core Architecture, Aberdeen Asset Management