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Open Source - We share the value we create.

We help our customers succeed by leveraging our Intellectual Property.

"Past Us" created value so that "Future Us" could benefit, and work smarter; constantly focusing on delivering real business value rather than reinventing the wheel, to scratch a technical itch. You can benefit from our efforts too.

If you need extra support or customisation, we can help with a commercial engagement.

endjin is a .NET Foundation Corporate Sponsor

The .NET Foundation is an independent organization created to foster innovation. It's also a forum for community and commercial developers to broaden and strengthen the future of the .NET ecosystem. The Foundation supports the .NET Ecosystem in a number of ways:

  • Promote the broad spectrum of software available to .NET developers through, GitHub, and other venues.
  • Advocate for the needs of .NET open source developers in the community.
  • Evangelize the benefits of the .NET platform to a wider community of developers.
  • Promote the benefits of the open source model to developers already using .NET.

It also supports .NET Foundation Projects by offering the following services:

  • Project guidance and mentoring
  • IP and legal (IP assignments, Contribution License Agreements, open source licenses and trademarks)
  • Marketing and communications
  • Financial support (manage donations for specific projects)
  • Technical services (CLA management, Secret management, SSL certificates, Code signing, Hosting, Domain and DNS registration)

In 2019 endjin became a corporate sponsor, alongside other organisations prominent in the .NET ecosystem, such as AWS, Pivotal, Telerik, DevExpress & Insight, and Microsoft, in order to fund and support the .NET Foundation's objectives. Ian Griffiths is endjin's representative on the .NET Foundation Advisory Council.