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Fast, easy, and collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform

  • Pros

  • Notebook experience
  • Spark with extras
  • Databricks Delta
  • Strong community & support
  • Hybrid cloud scenarios
  • Cons

  • Steep learning curve for some organizations
  • Not all DevOps tasks are straightforward
  • MS relationship with Databricks unclear

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Intro to Microsoft Fabric

Intro to Microsoft Fabric

Ed Freeman

Microsoft Fabric unifies data & analytics, building on Azure Synapse Analytics for improved data-level interoperability. Explore its offerings & pros/cons.
Version Control in Databricks

Version Control in Databricks

Elisenda Gascon

Explore how to implement source control in Databricks notebooks, promoting software engineering best practices.
Endjineers presenting at SQLBits 2020!

Endjineers presenting at SQLBits 2020!

Carmel Eve

Some of our endjineers are presenting at SQLBits in a few weeks time. Be sure to register if you haven't already - it's going to be a great event!