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We're an 11 year old tech consultancy who help small teams achieve big things. We like working with nice organisations to solve interesting & meaningful problems.

Recent projects include:

Our team have backgrounds in physics, psychology, geography, maths, & engineering, and ended up in tech because the best bit our courses were when we got to do "interesting stuff with computers & data".

If you're a graduate looking for your first job, Carmel Eve has produced a pathways into tech talk, and Barry Smart, who recently completed a MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, shared his career journey and tips for getting started in Data Science at the Scotland Data Science & Technology Meetup. Our graduate apprenticeship program is focused on transferring the skills & knowledge (technical, commercial, communication, and marketing) from our experienced & globally recognised experts (authors, consultants, speakers). We turned our career development process into an app to help you more easily track your progress. It works; our last two apprentices won apprentice engineer & cloud apprentice of the year.

We are a UK based remote company, but we realise it is not for everyone, so we offer graduates a co-working space or a stipend to rent bigger accommodation with dedicated home office space.