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Microsoft Fabric is a third generation data and analytics platform, building on strong foundations that have been established by Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI. It is a SaaS solution that further lowers barriers to adoption. Endjin has been on the Private Preview for Microsoft Fabric since late 2022, and have put the platform through its paces using real-world data and scenarios.

In this 20 minute chat, Microsoft MVP Ian Griffiths interviews Barry Smart, Director of Data & AI, and Ed Freeman, Senior Data Engineer, about their experiences of this new unified data platform.

The talk contains the following chapters:

  • 00:50 What is Microsoft Fabric?
  • 02:12 How does that compare with other offerings like Databricks or Snowflake?
  • 03:43 What does the transition from PaaS to SaaS mean?
  • 05:41 Does Fabric represent a shift in maturity and how would that look on a Wardley map?
  • 07:41 What have you been doing with Fabric?
  • 08:30 Do you have a favourite feature?
  • 09:40 Is Fabric ready for prime time?
  • 12:19 Could you sketch out how you might approach building a spike to explore Fabric?
  • 15:20 Ian's final thoughts
  • 16:02 Barry's final thoughts
  • 17:23 Ed's final thoughts