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Ed Freeman Ed Freeman


In this video Ed Freeman, Senior Data Engineer, who spent the last 6 months in the Microsoft Fabric Private Preview, takes you on a tour around Microsoft Fabric. Ed covers: The Fabric Portal, Fabric "Experiences", Fabric Workspace, Notebooks, SQL Endpoints, Data Factory Pipelines and much, much more!

The talk contains the following chapters:

  • 00:00 Brief introduction to Microsoft Fabric
  • 00:38 Fabric portal landing page and "experience" overview
  • 02:32 Navigating through Fabric experiences
  • 03:58 Fabric Workspace view - exploring Fabric artifact types
  • 04:25 Quick look at Notebooks within Fabric
  • 05:49 Brief introduction to SQL Endpoints in Fabric
  • 06:35 Data Factory pipelines in Fabric
  • 07:10 Azure Synapse vs Microsoft Fabric
  • 08:45 Artifact tabs - multi-tasking experience in Fabric
  • 09:20 Fabric Workspace UI - filtering and changing views
  • 10:00 Additional workspace features
  • 10:42 Workspace roles
  • 11:10 Monitoring Hub in Microsoft Fabric
  • 11:58 Wrap-up