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Ed Freeman Ed Freeman


In this video Ed Freeman looks at the Lakehouse and Medallion Architecture concepts, and how they relate to Microsoft Fabric.

Lakehouses have become a common foundational design pattern for modern data platforms, and have risen in popularity over the last few years after tools like Databricks, and now Microsoft Fabric, have standardized on the design. The Medallion Architecture refers to a three-tiered architectural blueprint, with data moving through different stages of state, each stage serving different purposes.

The talk contains the following chapters:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:22 What is a Lakehouse?
  • 02:10 What is a Lakehouse in Microsoft Fabric?
  • 04:43 Table and File structure in OneLake
  • 05:19 Justification for Medallion architecture
  • 06:13 Medallion architecture overview
  • 07:00 Bronze layer
  • 08:15 Silver layer
  • 08:45 Gold layer
  • 09:50 Replayability & idempotency
  • 10:56 Alternative structures
  • 11:52 Outro

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