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Ed Freeman Ed Freeman


In this video Ed Freeman continues the Microsoft Fabric End-to-End demo series by seeing how we can quickly ingest ~5GB of data from an unauthenticated HTTP data source into OneLake using Data Factory in Microsoft Fabric. We'll see the distinction between Tables and Files in a Fabric Lakehouse, and look at how we can preview data in the Lakehouse explorer.

The talk contains the following chapters:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:15 Dataset recap
  • 01:25 Workspace and pipeline artifacts
  • 01:57 Pipeline UI layout
  • 02:21 Copy data activity options
  • 03:07 Configure copy data activity source
  • 05:00 Configure copy data activity destination
  • 06:21 Add dynamic content for destination Lakehouse filepath
  • 08:21 Copy Data activity additional settings
  • 09:00 Manually trigger pipeline
  • 09:21 Alternative parameterized pipeline
  • 11:38 Reviewing pipeline run details
  • 12:10 Default workspace artifacts
  • 13:04 Viewing Lakehouse Files
  • 13:46 Roundup and outro

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