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Ian Griffiths By Ian Griffiths Technical Fellow I
Programming C# 8.0 Book, published by O'Reilly Media, is now available to buy.

Endjin Technical Fellow and Microsoft MVP Ian Griffiths has been the author of O'Reilly Media's Programming C# book since the C# 5.0 edition in 2012. (And the edition before that, published in 2010, was co-authored by Ian and endjin co-founder, Matthew Adams.)

In 2019, Ian wrote a major update to this book.

The .NET landscape has changed dramatically since the previous edition was published, thanks to the ascendance of .NET Core. Open-source, cross-platform is now the default for all things .NET coming out of Microsoft these days, and the book now reflects this. And of course it covers all of the additions and changes to the C# language that have been made since the last edition, including:

  • Nullable reference types
  • Asynchronous Streams
  • Index and Range syntax
  • Default interface implementation
  • Pattern matching enhancements

The book is written for experienced developers who want to gain a thorough understanding of C# and the underlying .NET runtime.

Samples from the book can be found at

Ian recently delivered his "C# 8.0 Nullable Reference in Practice" presentation at the .NET Oxford user group; a recording of which is now available in our Talks section

Ian Griffiths

Technical Fellow I

Ian Griffiths

Ian has worked in various aspects of computing, including computer networking, embedded real-time systems, broadcast television systems, medical imaging, and all forms of cloud computing. Ian is a Technical Fellow at endjin, and Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies. He is the author of O'Reilly's Programming C# 10.0, and has written Pluralsight courses on WPF (and here) and the TPL. He's a maintainer of Reactive Extensions for .NET, Reaqtor, and endjin's 50+ open source projects. Technology brings him joy.