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Jess Panni By Jess Panni Principal I
Talking about Azure Synapse on Microsoft Mechanics!

I was recently invited on to Microsoft Mechanics to talk about the new on-demand SQL Serverless offering within Azure Synapse.

If you have been following along with my previous blog posts you will know that we've been hard at work applying Azure Synapse against real customer workloads. In the video I take you through the service by solving a real-world IoT problem for one of our telco customers.

While I love talking about technology, I'm not a huge fan of watching myself back on video. However, since the video was going to be featured at the official Azure Synapse Analytics: How It Works event and I was going to be taking questions, I thought it best to watch the result and view the story from outside my head.

Forgetting for a moment who was talking, my immediate reaction was 'wow, did we really do all that in 12 minutes?'. It's easy to get complacent about how productive modern cloud native services be. Being able to make sense of millions of low level network telemetry events to ensure that people get reliable internet access should be really hard right? It probably still is, but it no longer has to be.

Technology comes and goes, there will be services that stand the test of time and there will be services that go by the wayside. We often feel that technology is driving us, not the other way around. But as long as you take an experimental mindset and build architectures designed for change you can start to exploit this new wave of serverless cloud analytics to solve some traditionally hard data problems really quite easily. What's more, you can have a whole lot of fun along the way.

Jess Panni

Principal I

Jess Panni

Jess has over 25 years' experience helping companies succeed through the smart use of technology. He has spent most of his career working for leading Microsoft partners across the UK and Australia and is now Principal at endjin, working with clients to envision and execute disciplined innovation programmes.