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Howard van Rooijen By Howard van Rooijen Co-Founder
Guest Blog Post: Week Two - Day Three of Work Experience (2014)

A guest post by Jack, 15, in his second week of work experience at endjin.


Today I got into the office around 8:45. I sat down at my desk and started reading up on  C# programming online.  After doing this for a while I watched a couple videos on PluralSite so I was able to understand more about the programming that we did yesterday involving the BusyLight. This made it much more clear to understand what the code did and what it entailed.

Howard van Rooijen


Howard van Rooijen

Howard spent 10 years as a technology consultant helping some of the UK's best known organisations work smarter, before founding endjin in 2010. He's a Microsoft ScaleUp Mentor, and a Microsoft MVP for Azure and Developer Technologies, and helps small teams achieve big things using data, AI and Microsoft Azure.