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Evolution to a digital workplace and data driven insights.

Redington is an independent investment consultant to pension funds and other long-term savings institutions, helping clients solve their biggest problems.

Endjin were asked to help in early 2019 as part of a journey of digital transformation across the organisation including, taking advantage of cloud technologies and adopting a digital workplace strategy.

Brain Trust

The central thread running through the relationship with Redington has been endjin's Brain Trust service - providing independent expertise and advice on everything from cloud adoption to career development.

Over the last 18 months, we've acted as trusted external advisors to the IT team around technology strategy, business stakeholder communication and the team's growth:

Executive Communication - introducing tools such as enterprise heatmap diagrams, and "parking lot" diagrams to report status on project workstreams at the board level.

DevOps - upskilling on tooling, process and concepts around "GitOps" - applying dev-team processes and a DevOps mindset to Operations/IT teams. For example. applying automation to infrastructure deployments, code review and approval processes around runbook/documentation, version control of reusable assets like onboarding scripts.

Data Insights - providing tactical advice around options for licensing and working with Power BI across the firm.

Industry peer validation - introducing peers in equivalent roles in similar organisations across our customer base to allow views and experiences to be shared and elevate the external technical credibility of Redington.

Remote working - as a company that's been 100% remote for nearly 3 years, we've been uniquely placed to advise on everything from managing teams, to recruitment and onboarding, to tools and process, to culture and wellbeing, in the new world that has been forced upon Redington in 2020 during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Insight Discovery

In parallel to the Brains Trust, in 2019, endjin enabled Redington to smoothly transition to a modern Power BI driven reporting platform for internal financial performance information.

We applied our approach to data insights workstreams to an existing suite of Tableau reports, challenging the "migrate everything" mindset, focusing instead on a prioritised list of actionable insights that add the most value to the business.

Career Pathways

As part of the Brain Trust engagement, we introduced our Career Pathways framework and helped Redington to adapt and tailor it to their culture and objectives.

An initial version is already being used within the IT team, based around the specific roles, the capabilities that add value, and the specific, tangible demonstrations of a skill at a particular level.

The framework is being used to identify and grow the new capabilities needed to support the transformation programmes that are underway (specifically around Azure/cloud), whilst ensuring the team are happy and have clear and structured career pathways ahead of them.


  • 2019 - Brain Trust
  • 2019 - Career Pathways framwork
  • 2020 - DevOps / GitOps
  • 2020 - Insight Discovery

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