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We pride ourselves on our customer relationships. Here's what they had to say about us. To become a customer too, get in touch!

Endjin's approach ensured we had all the bases covered; not just in terms of technology, but people, processes, and most importantly security.

—Toby Barber, Chief Operations Officer, i-movo

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Often website quotes are full of token platitudes, however, hand on heart, endjin have been the most consistent, high quality partners I have ever used. One of the key highlights was help in designing an Azure solution to help process over 1.5B rows of data to display to the user in less then 3 seconds, with the help of endjin we had a solution in under 12 weeks.

—Cuan Mulligan, Director, Digital Transformation, AlixPartners

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Endjin's experience & processes enabled us to move on from simply collecting data, to asking business questions, and gaining valuable insights, which allowed us to focus on the right business decisions.

—Ilario Corna, Head of Infrastructure, Content & Operations, TalkTalk

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With a rapidly growing market share for our SaaS NEC Contract Management Tool, we increased R&D investment and focused on reviewing our principle architecture. Endjin assisted in re-modelling strategic elements of our technical roadmap in parallel to streamlining our DevOps procedures, providing future readiness, increased efficiency, to support our exit to the thinkproject group.

—Daniel Walker, CIO, CEMAR

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We used the solution endjin provided to accelerate our early Core Services Platform development sprints. By providing us with a blueprint, the team was able to accomplish Sprint Zero without any impediments and have gone on to build on these foundations.

—Michael Speed, Head of Core Architecture, Aberdeen Standard Investments

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When we selected Microsoft Azure to run business critical, client facing web applications in the financial services sector, endjin provided us with the day-to-day in-depth expertise we needed to keep our software & hosting environment relevant, reliable & robust.

—Alan Spangler, CFO, Ambro

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I was really impressed by the team's approach to the end-to-end solution using best practices, the timely and in-depth presentations, and overall expertise in the subject matter.

—Lana Lall, Director, Project Management Office, Dentsu Aegis Network

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Endjin had the experience to build our cloud strategy, to take Watchfinder global.

—Jonathan Gill, CIO, Watchfinder

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Partnering with endjin really de-risked adoption of Microsoft Azure within the firm.

—Barry Smart, CTO, Hymans Robertson

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We needed a quick answer about whether something was even possible with the data available. Endjin helped us to focus our hypothesis, then used Machine Learning experiments to cut the discovery down from months to weeks.

—Tom Hopkins, Director, Subscriptions, Experian

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It's the unique blend of commercial acumen, strategy awareness, deep technical ability and the willingness to call bullshit/not tolerate it, that makes endjin so special.

—Mark Ridley, CIO,

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