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We believe that you shouldn't reinvent the wheel.

The best solutions are those built on widely used, well-proven technology, with the backing of solid industry giants like Microsoft.

A tool or library used by a million developers is going to be more reliable than something used by one developer. The biggest challenge is always with "the code we write specially for this project".

Most consultancies love a blank sheet of paper. They get to play with the latest technology, boost their CVs, and bill the most hours.

But we do not believe that this is the right approach.

Less is more

These are our golden rules:

  • The fewer lines of custom code we write, the fewer bugs in our solution.
  • The fewer lines of code devoted to common services, the more time and money we have to spend on delivering customer value.

But sometimes, we can't avoid it - we are faced with a blank sheet of paper, and we need to get things going. When that happens, we turn to our own Intellectual Property (IP).

Intellectual Property

We invest heavily in identifying recommended patterns and practices for common infrastructure, solution and even low-level code, and make them concrete in our Intellectual Property Portfolio.

Open Source Software

Most of our core IP is made available to the public through our sponsored GitHub organizations like Corvus, Menes and Marain. The code is all Open Source, although commercially supported licenses are also available.

Beyond the code

We also have highly-verticalized industry-specific solutions like AIS.NET, as well as enterprise architecture blueprints, organization and technology maturity models, Machine Learning training materials, and Recommended Practices with various technologies.

Robust, reliable, and supported

It is well-used throughout our many client engagements, and we also commit to providing you with an "Endjin Maturity Model" score for the IP to help you understand whether this is solid, workaday stuff, or nearer the technological bleeding edge, so you can select the right technology to match your appetite for risk and innovation v. stability and longevity.

And when a service or library is superseded by something provided in the Azure platform, or in a more widely adopted 3rd party effort, we will also provide our recommendations for migration and end-of-life on any of our existing IP, so you are making a solid bet for the future.