Identity Framework

We've consolidated our expertise from building multi-tenant, cloud-based SaaS products into a flexible identity framework.

One of the most complex problem domains in software is identity and security. The challenge increases when you need to manage authentication, authorisation and profiles across different platforms and multiple tenants. However, in today's connected world, these are now everyday requirements.

Our identity framework solves the problems of supporting multiple identity providers, multi-tenancy, and resource based claims management. It provides an extensible toolkit that integrates with standard middleware and provides curated SDKs and cross-platform CLIs to auto-generate clients for Windows, Linux and MacOS - so you can give your users the right controls whatever the scenario.


Key Features

  • Multi-tenanted identity
  • Multi-provider model
  • Bring-your-own identity provider
  • Cross platform - Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • Client SDKs for easy development
  • Command Line Interfaces for automation

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a start-up, this looks perfect for my idea, but I don't think I can afford it >
We love working with start ups! We are happy to license IP, consider joint ventures, or provide services for equity. See our Incubator page for more details.
I'm worried about taking a dependency on your IP? >
Our licensing model is M&A friendly, including source-code, with flexibility equivalent to work-for-hire.
I want to know more, what do I do? >
Chat with us online, pick a time for us to give you a call, or drop us an email at