Intellectual Property

We love solving complex problems. But we hate doing it twice.

Our existing IP accelerates and de-risks any new project or product. It allows us to focus our efforts on the unique and challenging problems, and deliver the greatest business value.

By recognising patterns in our past victories, and committing them to code, we can work smarter by not reinventing the wheel.


Core Framework >

It is a truth of software development that code that is written once and used once is far more fragile, contains more bugs and is less reliable than code that is at the heart of hundreds of critical systems.

Unlike most consultancies that start with a blank sheet of paper to maximize billable hours, endjin begin any project with a field-hardened kitbag of IP that can get delivery off to a fast start.


Identity, Multi-Tenancy & Claims Framework >

One of the most complex problem domains is identity and security. We've build an number of cloud based SaaS products and have consolidated our expertise into a flexible framework that solves the problems of multiple identity providers, multi-tenancy, and resource based claims management.


Content Framework >

Content Management is a fundamental part of modern web applications, but traditional Content Management Systems are far too constraining; you either have to build a complex application inside the limits of a CMS or you have to re-invent the wheel to weave content management around your application's functionality.

We've created a cloud based content management continuum; from a headless CMS, to a full modern, application framework with integrated content management and component architecture.