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Carmel Eve By Carmel Eve Software Engineer I
Reactive data processing and a huge wealth of learning - A year as an Apprentice II at endjin

I've just completed my first year working full time for endjin, after I joined as an Apprentice II last May.

And without sounding too much like a cliché, time has truly flown. In the ins-and-outs of daily working life I haven't really noticed the huge progress I've made in the last year, but as we were going through my career development plan last week, I realised how much I'd learnt!

I've been involved in a huge number of exciting projects since last May. Just to name a couple, these included building modern data processing pipelines which fed machine learning models to give real business insights, and reactive processing engines capable of processing millions of events a second in real time!

These projects have really opened my eyes to the huge expanse of possibilities and opportunities for insight through data science.

As part of the apprenticeship, I am also given the opportunity to spend a significant proportion of my time expanding my knowledge. Over the past year, I've attempted to consolidate that knowledge as I go. Twenty-five blogs later, here are the main topics I've covered in the last year:

And that's just the stuff I've gotten around to blogging about…

So overall, the last year has been a complete whirlwind of learning, and data, and incredibly exciting moments where the huge value in what we were doing became strikingly apparent. (The one which especially springs to mind is where we were suddenly able to detect spikes in error messages in a specific location amongst a millions-of-message-a-second cloud of noise).

I am so excited to progress to the next level of my apprenticeship, and to continue immersing myself in the complex and exciting challenges that we solve every day here at endjin.

And if you're reading this and thinking that you'd find all this as exciting as I do, then send over a copy of you CV to! We're always on the lookout for new apprentices to join our team, and I cannot emphasise enough how great of an opportunity for learning and expanding the apprenticeship truly is!

Doodle of author celebrating a year as an Apprentice II!

Carmel Eve

Software Engineer I

Carmel Eve

Carmel has recently graduated from our apprenticeship scheme.

Over the past four years she has been focused on delivering cloud-first solutions to a variety of problems. These have ranged from highly-performant serverless architectures, to web applications, to reporting and insight pipelines and data analytics engines. She has been involved in every aspect of the solutions built, from deployment, to data structures, to analysis, querying and UI, as well as non-functional concerns such as security and performance.

Throughout her apprenticeship, she has written many blogs, covering a huge range of topics. She has also given multiple talks focused on serverless architectures. The talks highlighted the benefits of a serverless approach, and delved into how to optimise the solutions in terms of performance and cost.

She is also passionate about diversity and inclusivity in tech. Last year, she became a STEM ambassador in her local community and is taking part in a local mentorship scheme. Through this work she hopes to be a part of positive change in the industry.

Carmel won "Apprentice Engineer of the Year" at the Computing Rising Star Awards 2019.