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Matthew Adams By Matthew Adams Co-Founder
How to choose the right .NET technology or "learn to stop worrying and love NetStandard2.0"

The diversification of .NET technologies - from Windows Desktop Applications using WPF and WinForms, UWP, ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core, "portable" libraries, the various flavours of .NET Standard, .NET Core (and portable executables on MacOS and Linux) - have brought with them incompatibilities, and a huge problem with older (but well-used) libraries that aren't built for a particular target platform (even if the source code would happily build for that target).

With the arrival of NetStandard2.0, the landscape has simplified considerably - though not without a few caveats.

We've put together some prescriptive guidance for choosing .NET technologies, including common scenarios like Azure, Windows Desktop, and ASP.NET, and the tooling you will need to build it today.

You can download the deck here.

Selecting .NET Technologies

(Updated for NetCore 2.0 GA)

Matthew Adams


Matthew Adams

Matthew was CTO of a venture-backed technology start-up in the UK & US for 10 years, and is now the co-founder of endjin, which provides technology strategy, experience and development services to its customers who are seeking to take advantage of Microsoft Azure and the Cloud.