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Howard van Rooijen By Howard van Rooijen Co-Founder

Regular readers of this blog may know that endjin work on some of the largest and most interesting Microsoft Azure projects including PaaS, Big Data & Machine Learning solutions. You may or may not know that we are also Microsoft Gold Partners for the Cloud Platform Competency.

We are growing the team; in particular we are looking for Senior Developers and a new Apprentice for 2015.

Why should you consider joining us? Well, for starters your skills and insights will help shape the future not just for our customers, but for the whole Azure ecosystem.

You'll love this job if you want to:

  1. Provide technical leadership in a multi-functional team of 8-10 people covering strategy, experience, development and cloud infrastructure.
  2. Foster a great technical relationship with the customer at all levels of their organisation.
  3. Feel equally comfortable running a proof of concept workshop as you do cutting code.
  4. Set policy, guide the design process, bring the various functions together, and act as a quality gate for the output.
  5. Mentor people with up to 3-5 years experience who form the backbone of the delivery team. You should also be able to mentor the juniors and most likely will have your own apprentice.
  6. Produce great quality code and prove it meets real customer needs through executable specifications.
  7. Establish and encourage a predictable cadence which delivers incremental business value to the customer at a pace they feel comfortable with, at a cost they can afford.
  8. Take time to learn new technologies, concepts and practices in depth and communicate this knowledge throughout the organisation.
  9. Identify, create and harvest intellectual property to add to the company's portfolio.
  10. Work smarter, rather than harder.
  11. Add extra items to a list to ensure it is prime.

We want every endjineer to have a great work life balance. A key part of that is a great working environment and the knowledge that someone has got your back if anything goes a bit wrong.

The benefits of working for endjin include:

  • Private medical insurance, life assurance, pension, free eye tests, childcare voucher scheme, bonus structure
  • Top of the line hardware: watercooled gaming rig, 3 x 24" screens, devices, noise cancelling headphones
  • Located on vibrant Bermondsey Street, very close to London Bridge and London Waterloo transport hubs.
  • Interesting, challenging, bleeding edge, diverse & fun projects
  • Travel season ticket loan, bike storage & shower facilities
  • Smart, friendly colleagues
  • Continuous learning culture; personalised training & development plan (with a personal budget of at least £1000), conference attendance, speaking opportunities, weekly show & tell session with the company
  • Great office environment; Herman Miller desks & chairs, Sonos, XBox One, free Nespresso, fruit, home made cakes (n.b. cakes may contain the fruit).
  • At least weekly restaurant / pub based team lunches

And every anniversary, you'll be taken for a slap up meal at the restaurant of your choosing, and a grilling about your professional life, career and objectives (but only after the first round of drinks).

We're also aware of our broader social and ethical responsibilities when choosing clients and projects, and one of our primary objectives is to improve the state of software development as a profession. We encourage everyone to be open, honest and respectful to their peers and see lifelong learning as essential to the success of the company. We don't believe that an effective job description lists a series of desirable skills along with a number that represents years of experience; instead we've created a series of personas which describes the day-to-day life at endjin, to better illustrate not only the type of work we do, but the ethos of the company and an individual's roles and responsibilities within it.

Skills & Requirements

We don't believe that an effective job description lists a series of desirable skills along with a number that represents years of experience; instead we've created a series of personas which describes the day-to-day life at endjin, to better illustrate not only the type of work we do, but the ethos of the company and an individual's roles and responsibilities within it.

We assume you can program against the .NET or web ecosystem using a modern C family language (C#, JavaScript). You've also designed and delivered layered, domain driven or distributed systems. You probably have an appreciation of architecture from the electrons up (because at cloud scale the laws of physics really do come into play), but you'd never describe yourself as a full stack developer, rockstar or ninja.

More importantly, you recognise yourself in at least one of these descriptions:

  1. Delivering the work you commit to, with a predictable cadence and quality.
  2. Slicing through the "hard problems" and sharing a (perhaps left-field) solution with the team.
  3. Understanding external stakeholders deeply, and bridging the communications gap to the team.
  4. Understanding the commercial framework deeply, and helping the team understand how that impacts on their decision making.
  5. Understanding the domain deeply, and making sure the rest of the team doesn't miss a crucial nuance.
  6. Understanding the technical landscape deeply, and helping the team to find the best tools for the solution.
  7. Driving a problem from identification to solution.
  8. Nurturing a team, and helping it to work together effectively.
  9. Motivating a team and helping it to keep going throughout the project, through thick and thin.
  10. Understanding and monitoring the quality of the output of the team. Ensuring that only great work gets shipped.

We'll be providing you with your own MSDN subscription, with the latest version of Visual Studio, monthly Azure usage credits, ReSharper, Specflow, dotCover, dotTrace, dotMemory, dotPeek, NDepend, Azure Management Studio, LinqPad, Camtasia, SnagIT, Office Suite & Visio, TeamCity, YouTrack, UpSource, GitHub / GitLab, SmartGit, Fiddler, PostMan. If you know how to use any of these tools, great. If you know any others, that's better still. But if not, we don't expect it will take long to train you.

In line with UK employment requirements, all applicants must be able to demonstrate their eligibility to work within the UK.

We're also not interested in hearing from recruitment agents.

To apply, please get in contact via

About endjin

In 2010, two developers met while rescuing a project in a bank that had gone a little bit horribly wrong.

A shared addiction to tea, eggs benedict and tapas lead them to conclude that there was nowhere that looked quite like the kind of company they wanted to work for any more.

By 2015 we were the #1 Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform in EMEA, driving millions of dollars in Azure revenues.

We wanted somewhere that valued life-long learning and exceptional engineering quality. A company whose employees have a mutual respect for one another, regardless of where they are in their career; where ideas are developed by the whole team, not just a few prima-donnas and rock stars. Whose clients have to pass the "nice to work for" test (and do so with flying colours). Who understand the ethical implications of the work they undertake, and seek to do the best they can for each other, for their profession, their clients, and for the world at large.

And who like a really good lunch.

Howard van Rooijen


Howard van Rooijen

Howard spent 10 years as a technology consultant helping some of the UK's best known organisations work smarter, before founding endjin in 2010. He's a Microsoft ScaleUp Mentor, and a Microsoft MVP for Azure and Developer Technologies, and helps small teams achieve big things using data, AI and Microsoft Azure.