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In 2010, two developers met while rescuing a project in a bank that had gone a little bit awry.

A shared addiction to tea, eggs benedict and tapas lead them to conclude that there was nowhere that looked quite like the kind of company they wanted to work for any more.

Somewhere that valued life-long learning and exceptional engineering quality. A company whose employees have a mutual respect for one another, regardless of where they are in their career; where ideas are developed by the whole team. Whose clients have to pass the "nice to work for" test (and do so with flying colours). Who understand the ethical implications of the work they undertake, and seek to do the best they can for each other, for their profession, their clients, and for the world at large.

And who like a really good lunch.

So, endjin was born.

We really understand the opportunities opened up by the cloud, and know how a small number of exceptional people can help clients transform their businesses.