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Mike Evans-Larah Mike Evans-Larah

Azure CNAB Quickstarts Launch

Over the last few months, endjin have been working together with Microsoft to create the Azure CNAB Quickstart Library in GitHub.

CNAB (Cloud-Native Application Bundle) is a new specification designed for facilitating the bundling, installing and managing of cloud-native or distributed apps. It provides you with a way to containerise your installation process, and easily deploy & share your entire solution across any cloud, on-prem, or at the edge.

We’re excited about CNAB as it offers a much needed abstraction for defining all the required artefacts and steps to install your applications, bringing together whatever multitude of tools, their pre-requisites, and the runbooks required.

We created the Quickstarts Library so that the community can discover and use bundles for deploying applications and solutions, learn how to create their own bundles, and contribute back to the library. The library is designed to be optimized for bundles that use Azure resources, but is not limited to Azure only.