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Ed Freeman Ed Freeman


In this video, endjineer Ed Freeman performs a "worked example" customer propensity experiment using Azure Machine Learning Studio.

"Our hypothetical situation is based on an e-commerce business that is interested in changing its business processes to prioritise customers that are more likely to purchase their new service, based on the information they provide at various stages throughout the purchasing workflow."

The worked example covers:

  • What is "Customer Propensity"? 0:20
  • Classification Problems 0:35
  • Purpose of Walkthrough 1:02
  • General Method 1:41
  • Our example 2:45
  • Hypothesis 3:05
  • Interpretation of results‚Äč 3:32
  • Desired Metric - AUC 4:02
  • Worked Example in Azure Machine Learning Studio 4:26
  • Conclusion 36:35