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At endjin, we deliver leading-edge solutions for our customers. Our culture embraces continuous education and knowledge sharing. Our expertise fills volumes.

Books published by endjin

Introduction to RX.NET

Ian Griffiths, Lee Campbell

Reactive programming provides clarity when our code needs to respond to events. The Rx.NET libraries (150m+ downloads) were designed to enable cloud-native applications to process live data in reliable, predictable ways.

This book explains the vital abstractions that underpin Rx, and shows how to exploit the powerful and extensive functionality built into the Rx.NET libraries.

Introduction to Reactive Extensions for .NET, 2nd Edition (2024)

Programming C# 10

Ian Griffiths

C# is undeniably one of the most versatile programming languages available to engineers today. With this comprehensive guide, you'll learn just how powerful the combination of C# and .NET can be.

Designed for experienced programmers, this book provides many code examples to help you work with the nuts and bolts of C#, such as generics, LINQ, and asynchronous programming features.

You'll get up to speed on .NET 6 and the latest C# 9.0 and 10.0 additions, including records, enhanced pattern matching, and new features designed to remove "ceremony" to improve productivity.

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Programming C#10 by Ian Griffiths

A Little History of Reaqtor

Bart De Smet (Microsoft)

Active development of Reaqtor started in 2013, but its roots go back to 2005.

The IReactiveProgramming (IRP) concepts which power Reaqtor started with LINQ, and then evolve through and were inspired by Volta, Reactive Extensions (Rx), Interactive Extensions (Ix), LINQ to Logs and Traces (Tx), DryadLINQ, StreamInsight, Oslo and M, and ActorFx.

This book delves into the people, projects and ideas that were instrumental in the creation of this amazing technology, and offers a fascinating perspective into reactive programming in .NET over the past 15 years.

A Little History of Reaqtor by Bart De Smet