Thought Leadership

We like to share our hard-won insight gained from living at the bleeding edge...

Need some Thought Leadership of your own?

From Board Papers to Sales Collateral, we've been commissioned by a number of our clients to produce targetted Thought Leadership around industry and technology trends.

Our Cloud Adoption Risks & Mitigations Analysis Swiss Cheese Model was developed in partnership with Hymans Roberston as part of their journey to the cloud, and has since been released under a Creative Commons Licence as a free poster so others can benefit.

We've also worked directly with Microsoft to provide external and impartial advice around the positioning of their products and services within the wider technology landscape. Most recently, we produced an short 5 min esssential guide video to Digital Transformation, the API Economy & Azure API Management.

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Unlocking Your Digital Transformation Video

If you'd like to understand Digital Transformation, the API Economy & Azure API Management, we've created a short 5 minute essential guide video.