We help our customers to develop their technology strategy, built on deep insight from their data, engineered securely and efficiently in the cloud.

Every partnership is unique, but we've got some tried and tested ways of getting started, along with clear, value-based pricing, and a predictable, iterative process. Here are some of our most popular services, as well as customers who have purchased them.


We can help you envision new products & services, or give you a little extra brain power to help solve those tough strategic problems.


Brain Trust

£400 - £500 / hour

Senior stakeholders are usually operating at (or beyond) capacity. Our Brain Trust service gives you the ability to carve out some time to think; it's also the easiest way for you to commercially engage with us to provide ad hoc advice on any topic.

We can act as a sounding board, providing impartial advice, challenging your thinking and introducing you to research, guidance, or technology you may have missed.


New Proposition Development

£10k - £15k / workshop

Working with start-ups, high growth businesses, and enterprises, we have evolved a principles-based approach to new proposition development, which can be applied to a wide variety of businesses.

It's based on MIT's disciplined entrepreneurship approach, incorporating great tools like the Value Proposition Canvas and the Business Model Canvas.


Portfolio Governance & Roadmap

£20k - £75k / project

Modern businesses need to replicate the best features of a start-up: focus, agility, flexibility, and cohesion – in high-growth and enterprise organizations of hundreds or even thousands of developers.

We can help senior stakeholders implement a disciplined way to manage their R&D investment portfolio and solution roadmap to the needs of your business, or plan an organizational restructure.

Customers who bought these services include:

Watchfinder The Preowned Watch Specialist
Hymans Robertson


We can help you make evidence-based decisions using your existing data, and productionize advanced analytics solutions to surface actionable intelligence across your business.


Real World Data Science

£20k - £25k / experiment

Interest in Data Science & Machine Learning has sky-rocketed as businesses realize that they need deeper and more valuable insights into their data. But how do you manage an essentially open-ended process where you may never get the 'right' answer?

Endjin have developed a pragmatic approach based on a series of iterative experiments, relying on evidence-based decision making to answer the most important business questions.


Data Science Operationalization

£20k - £25k / team / week

Data ingestion, transformation, and enrichment are at the core of any advanced analytics solution. That might be using Machine Learning models to make predictions, calling an HDInsight step to process your big data sources, or bursting out to Azure Batch for any custom processing.

Endjin can design and develop flexible, extensible, scalable, multi-tenant, polyglot data processing pipelines to power your intelligent solutions.


Team Maturity Review

£10k - £25k / assessment

Businesses often pose the question "why aren't my teams delivering at the speed we need?" The reasons are often quite subtle and difficult to identify.

We apply our standard data science methodology to investigate this business problem. Non-intrusively gathering simple metrics, we characterize processes and dynamics, providing observations and recommendations to help you to understand how to unblock and unlock the potential in your teams.

Customers who bought these services include:

Dentsu Aegis Network
M&G Investments


Whether it's helping your teams to be more efficient & effective, reducing delivery friction, or bringing a project back on-track, we can help. But it's not just advice and blue sky thinking - we can use our IP and help you build it too, from PoCs to full solutions.


Architectural Guidance

£10k - £15k / workshop

Solution architecture in modern, distributed systems can seem daunting. The days of n-tier systems are behind us, and the plethora of technology choices increase every day.

Endjin can help your architects to understand the technology landscape, and identify best-practice solutions whether on-prem, hybrid, or cloud, and deliver practical examples, benchmarking & performance tests to prove the architecture in your application.


Application Development, Project Delivery & DevOps

£20k - £25k / team / week

Endjin can scope and deliver entire projects. From complete systems, to isolated features, or proof-of-concept, we de-risk your most complex requirements and set cost and quality constraints that you can rely on.

Endjin have extensive experience and a library of intellectual property which help you to deliver a fully integrated DevOps experience, from build to application lifecycle monitoring, manual and automated support and troubleshooting, whether on-prem or in the cloud.


Pull Request Review

£2.5k / 10 hours / 20 PRs

It's important for a business of any size to have confidence in the software it produces; from a start-up focused on rapidly delivering new features, to a large enterprise that prioritizes performance and stability.

Through the Pull Request mechanism in modern source control systems, endjin can act as an impartial reviewer, providing micro-level code reviews as changes are committed, ensuring quality and gradually upskilling your teams in best practice and high quality software development.

Customers who bought these services include:

Aberdeen Standard Investments


As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud, we know a thing or two about Azure. In fact, we've worked with some of the largest organizations in the world to deliver secure, compliant and scalable solutions. If you're looking to get started, or optimise your existing investment, we can help.


Security & Compliance

£25k / workshop

£20k - £25k / team / week

Risk management strategies require multiple layers of protection that limit the pathways that could result in a data loss or breach.

Endjin have worked with some of the largest companies in the world to create a security model and data privacy architecture for the Microsoft Cloud, which we subject to external audit by both clients and independent third party security consultants.

Leveraging Microsoft's impressive array of Azure certifications, and using technologies such as Key Vault and SQL Server Always Encrypted, we help you to employ the latest data encryption, replication and monitoring, ensure rigid access controls, auditing and application configuration, and provide a clear segregation of duties, roles, and responsibilities within the organization.


PaaS & Serverless Adoption

£10k - £15k / workshop

£20k - £25k / team / week

With green field projects, or as you develop your cloud infrastructure, it becomes possible to take advantage of more sophisticated PaaS or Serverless offerings within Azure, increasing capability, performance, and scalability, and further reducing management overheads.

We can help you to evolve your solution architecture to reflect a modern, distributed cloud solution, and navigate the bewildering array of technologies available to pick the ones with the right performance, cost and security profile for your system.

We can then bring our library of products, intellectual property, and experience to bear, to accelerate development with a PoC or full build, upskilling your developers and ops teams on the characteristics of the new solution.


Big Compute & Big Data

£10k - £15k / workshop

£20k - £25k / team / week

What do you do when you have scaled your compute intensive workloads to the biggest box that your hardware vendor can supply, but your application is still going to breach your SLA? Or you've got a fantastic idea for a solution, but it depends on petabytes of data? Or both?

Endjin have deep experience of building solutions at hyper-scale, and we can help you to understand and re-architect your workload to enable execution to be distributed across many different machines. Using technology like Azure Batch, HDInsight and Azure Data Lake, you can scale to hundreds of thousands of cores and petabytes of storage.

We can then help you visualize that process, using tools like Power BI, and automate reporting, operations, and end-user billing.

Customers who bought these services include:

Talk Talk
Hymans Robertson

How can we work together?

Every partnership is unique - but we've got some tried-and-tested ways of getting started.


Clear, value-based pricing, and a predictable process, mean you keep control of your budget and deliverables.

You pay for workshops, delivery teams or process iterations, not bodyshopped contract resources. We are able to bring in the right people from our full-time team, exactly when they are needed, without you having to pay for under-utilized resources on an exorbitant day rate.

Team Pricing


£20k - £25k / week

Workshop Pricing


£10k - £15k

Experiment Pricing


£20k - £25k

Brain Trust

Brain Trust

£5k - £10k / month

Pull Request Services

Pull Request Review

£2.5k / 10 hours

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

£10k - £100k / project

"At first, endjin don't look cheap. In hindsight, delivery was faster, higher quality & less stressful with comparable total spend."

— Iain Trotter, Development Manager, Hymans Robertson


Reliable, predictable delivery is key to a successful project (whether using an in-house team or external consultants like ourselves).

To ensure success we agree, week-by-week with technical and business stakeholders:

  • What we are going to do.
  • Why we are doing it.
  • How we are going to determine whether it is successful.
  • Who is going to be responsible for what at endjin, and at the client.

Then, at the end of each week we prepare an update video:

  • What we did.
  • Why we did it.
  • How we did it.
  • Whether it was successful.
  • Recommendations for the next week.
Endjin Process Diagram

The endjin delivery process

We work in weekly iterations, delivering code and specifications, documents and design assets directly into your source control and cloud environments. You'll work directly with one of our principal endjineers, but every project benefits from the skills and experience of our entire team.

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