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Pascal Arnould By Pascal Arnould Software Engineer III

After going through the Xamarin installation instructions for Mac and Windows, I ended up in a situation where the AVD Manager (Android Virtual Device Manager) on my Windows VM would not let me create a new AVD. It would throw the following error: "The system cannot find the path specified"

AVD Manager

Create new AVD




The problem is that the location it is trying to save the AVD doesn't exist, probably a result of running Windows as a guest OS under VMware Fusion. A quick check of the AVD Manager settings under Tools > Options, confirms that the Manifest Cache Directory points to wrong location.

To correct this, you need to modify the location of the Android SDK:

  1. Run the systemadvancedproperties Windows command to open up the System Properties on the Advanced tab.


  1. Click on Environment Variables.

  2. Add a new user variable:

Variable name: ANDROID_SDK_HOME

Variable value: C:\Users\\.android (or wherever the SDK is installed - %homepath% by default)


4. OK and restart your Windows VM.

5. Check that the Manifest Cache Directory is now set correctly.


6. Test and create a new AVD.


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Pascal Arnould

Software Engineer III

Pascal Arnould

He has over 20 years experience of of implementing complex technology solutions across a number of sectors, and is a passionate advocate of Agile practices, continuous learning and engineering excellence.

Pascal worked at endjin from 2013 - 2015.