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If you are not graduating this year but are interested in what a career in Tech could be like, apply for our paid Internship Programme.

We are looking for students with a passion for learning, an aptitude for problem solving, and experience of the scientific method, evidence-based decision making, and critical thinking.  During your internship we'll give you exposure to the world of software and data engineering. You'll get to work on real customer engagements, contribute to our open-source projects and products, as well as work on your own pet projects.

We're Microsoft Gold Partners, and most of our day-to-day work involves helping customers solve challenging problems around software, data, analytics, visualisations, and machine learning models "in the cloud". We use a multitude of programming languages and tools to deliver value: C#, Python, R, Scala, SQL, DAX, Jupyter Notebooks, Power BI to name a few.

We've been a remote company since 2017, which means that the pandemic had a minimal impact on our working practices. Being remote enables us to hire people without the traditional geographic boundary limitations; this enables them to live where they want to; where housing may be more affordable, where good schools are, or where their families and social support networks are located, rather than where the company office happens to be based. This is crucial for our employees to maintain the right work/life balance and long-term happiness. As the restrictions lift, we'll resume our regular in-person get togethers.

Being remote doesn't mean just working from home, if for your mental health and wellbeing, you'd prefer a clean separation between home and work, we'll pay for a co-working space.

If you enjoy your Internship, you can transition to our structured three-year award winning graduate programme, which combines study and industry certification, with 1-2-1 mentoring and pairing with other members of the team who are experienced & globally recognised experts (authors, consultantsspeakers).

If this sounds like the type of career you want, and we seem like the sort of company you'd like to be part of, please get in contact!


We've been a fully remote organisation since 2017. Endjineers can work remotely from anywhere in the UK, with hubs in Brighton, Cambridge, Glasgow, Hampshire, London, Manchester and Oxford. Restrictions allowing, we have an in-person company get together every 6 weeks.


We offer the same salary band for interns as Year 1 graduates - £28k, only pro-rata for the time you work. If you enjoy your internship and would like to continue to gain experience throughout your final year, we are open to continuing with the same terms, fitting around your academic commitments.

Career Pathways in Tech

You don't have to have a Computer Science, Data Science or Artificial Intelligence Degree in order to work in the Tech industry. The team at endjin have backgrounds in physics, psychology, geography, maths, and engineering. Carmel studied Physics at Manchester University, before becoming an endjin Apprentice. Carmel is now a Software Engineer I, STEM Ambassador and LinkedIn Learning Instructor. She recorded a video of her thoughts about pathways into Tech:

At endjin, we have put a lot of thought into our career development process and in particular how employees can see a pathway from Apprentice I all the way up to Principal III or Technical Fellow III 25+ year into their careers. We outline this career pathway in the video below:

This concept of a career pathway concept is core to our career development platform, Career Canvas, which we used to managed your professional development on a day-to-day basis:

How to apply

Please note, endjin is not on the UKVI / Home Office Sponsor Register and is therefore unable to sponsor Tier 2 work visas for international graduates.

If this sounds like the type of opportunity you want, please please email your CV / covering letter to

Careers in software development - different paths into the industry

Careers in software development - different paths into the industry

Carmel Eve

There are many different paths into the tech industry, Carmel has been speaking at some local schools about joining the industry from a scientific background. In this post she discusses the crucial tools which science gives you which can help you succeed in tech!
Welcome to an internship at endjin!

Welcome to an internship at endjin!

Ed Freeman

A career in software engineering doesn't need to start with a Computer Science degree. The underlying traits of problem solving, a willingness to learn and the ability to collaborate well can be built in any field. Internships provide a great way to get your foot-in-the-door in the professional world, and arm you with some real-life experience for future endeavours. This post describes an internship at endjin, including the type of work you could be asked to do and what you could learn.
My internship at endjin – New Proposition Development, Programming, and a very long list of acronyms

My internship at endjin – New Proposition Development, Programming, and a very long list of acronyms

Carmel Eve

During her two month internship we tried to expose her to as many different aspects of endjin as possible; from New Proposition Development, marketing, partner & business development activities, as well as our software engineering processes and the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.
On Apprenticeships

On Apprenticeships

Howard van Rooijen

You don't have to have a Computer Science Degree in order to be a software engineer or work in the tech industry. In this post I talk about my career journey, from Psychology Grad, to Software Engineer, to Business Owner.