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The Company

Recruitment Genius is an online volume recruitment agency that aims to fill hundreds new jobs every day for companies including the likes of Tesco, Shell and Ford, as well as thousands of other growing businesses - recruiting everyone from board director level to the shop floor.

Their ambition was to become the biggest recruitment agency in the UK. In order to do this, they have focussed on the volume end of the market and aim to fill any job for a flat fee of £200.

Recruitment Genius has been a victim of its own success and they quickly identified that their current platform can't perform to the level they are going to need in the coming years. Following a recommendation from one of our other customers, they approached endjin to assist them with their platform migration.

Our approach

Our Endjineers spent a day with the company, looking at their current architecture.

We mapped out the whole lifecyle of their system, from pulling in job data and CVs to creating response to applications. The volume of data was large (tens of thousands of CVs, job postings and responses per month, mostly in the form of PDF or Word documents), so the solution needed to be scalable.

The system also needed to be smart about how we processed the input data, finding duplicates and near duplicates, scoring applicant/job matches and other data filtering, standardisation and cleansing.

We also performed a complete design and code review, looking at the problem from a workflow perspective. We broke the system down into a set of independent, asynchronous processes, the output of one feeding into the input of another.

Each autonomous process is fed data from a queue, and operates independently of the rest of the system. This producer-consumer model is easily scaled out in a cloud environment.

Microsoft Azure's Platform Services and endjin's Cloud Platform IP made it easy for us to implement this pattern, allowing our developers to focus on the specification and encapsulation of the business functionality.

Training & Mentoring

The second package of work we took on was the training of Recruitment Genius' in-house developers. We paired with their team to ensure that they understand the work that we had carried out, and were able to take on their own development programme, without becoming entirely dependent on the Endjineers.

In addition to raising development skills, we also introduced ALM infrastructure to support a more formal engineering, release and operations lifecycle, a testing and specification methodology and planning tools.

The Results

This has been an on-going and productive development partnership.

In addition to a new Microsoft Azure-based platform to run the recruitment process, we've also developed management and operational tools so that their existing (non-technical) team can support the system.

Because we have an automated build and deployment process, we have streamlined the ability to deliver new functionality into production.

Our methodology, which starts by defining executable business specifications, minimizes uncertainty about deliverables, ensuring that the whole business from the board of directors to the call center understands the roadmap, and can see a regular cadence of delivery.

Because of RG's confidence in our understanding of their strategic objectives, and our ability to communicate about technology to non-technical people, we now have strategic input to their board, to support the growth and development of their business.

With hindsight choosing endjin was one of the smartest IT decisions I've made. Before, we offshored development to save money, not realising “cheap” code came at a much higher price. But endjin's unique approach exceeds our requirements - delivering very high quality solutions on time.

Geoff Newman

Chief Executive, Recruitment Genius

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