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Harnessing ReST for a next-generation financial trading platform

The Company

RBS offers its clients a full range of foreign transaction services, from straightforward currency exchange to complete risk management solutions. It uses foreign exchange (FX) hedging tools to help reduce the risks associated with foreign currency fluctuations to give customers greater certainty over their future cash flows, enabling them to plan for the future with increased confidence.

Our approach

The Principal Architect within the RBS FX Options Architecture team had been charged with developing a new application infrastructure for the rapid prototyping and production delivery of FX trading products.

Small percentages can give you the edge: managing complexity in a heterogenous environment

Typical of a real-world FS environment, the estate is diverse, with Windows, SQL Server and .NET solutions sitting alongside Oracle and Java applications, delivered in-browser, on-desktop and via Excel.

Although often seen as “a problem” this kind of heterogenous deployment environment is both a fact of life, and the inevitable result of picking the best technology for a particular job at a particular time. When small percentages are what gives your business an edge, you look for any advantages a technology shift can give you.

endjin worked with the architecture team to create a proof of concept for a highly scalable, ReSTful trading architecture which could make full use of their existing investment in grid computing, their quant libraries, and their database infrastructure, while enabling their development teams to easily plug new products and components into the system using popular technologies such as Java, Silverlight, WPF and HTML5.

We also introduced new development methodologies and ALM technology to help them to focus on delivering business value more rapidly, and with less friction.

The Results

Within three months we had delivered a system that was provably scalable, robust, performant and illustrated the whole end-to-end process of booking a trade.

It was well-documented, and we had taken a core team of developers with us on the journey, identifying training needs, mentoring them and ensuring that the solution was a good fit for their needs.

The delivery cadence had been reduced from weeks and months to hours and days.

The libraries, architectural patterns, processes & practices we generated were wholly repurposable, and was reused across several projects, and extended elsewhere within the organization.

Technology checklist

  • C#
  • PowerShell
  • Java
  • ReST
  • Workflow
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle

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