endjin is powered by its people. Drawn from the business,
creative and technical worlds, we love solving business problems
by the smart application of technology and design.

endjin is powered by its people. Drawn from the business, creative and technical worlds, we love solving business problems by the smart application of technology and design.


Established in 2010, endjin has become the number one Microsoft Azure Partner in EMEA, delivering projects using cloud, mobile, desktop and embedded technologies in retail, financial services, and consumer applications, and we're growing the team all the time.

We're committed to providing a great working environment, with the best tools and processes to enable you to deliver on our mantra of “work smarter”. We're also aware of our broader social and ethical responsibilities when choosing clients and projects, and one of our primary objectives is to improve the state of software development as a profession. We encourage everyone to be open, honest and respectful to their peers and see lifelong learning as essential to the success of the company.

Located near London Bridge, endjin is based at the heart of a vibrant community on Bermondsey Street, representing all kinds of creative and technology businesses not to mention an extraordinary range of great places to eat and drink.

We don't have specific requirements about levels of experience, domain expertise or years of service, and we think the best way to describe the kind of person we are looking for is to look at a persona for a typical endjin developer.

A developer persona at endjin

Michaela is a developer at endjin. She joined the company at the beginning of her career as an apprentice and now with 4,000 hours of experience under her belt she's beginning her transition to an artisan software engineer. She's seen most of the project lifecycle from presales, planning and estimation, to production deployment, support and maintenance for a number of clients across retail, financial services, hospitality and healthcare in the private and public sector. She has also developed a great depth of expertise in Cloud Architecture, Distributed Systems and High Performance Computing, and she has used C#, .NET, PowerShell, Mono, Azure, HTML and JavaScript including frameworks like ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, Xamarin, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and WPF.

Over the next year or two, she expects to broaden her experience, perhaps taking on a more architectural role, developing her team leadership skills, or adopting a more client facing consulting position, mentored by senior members of the team.

Right now, her day to day responsibilities involve working with a small team of developers, designers and DevOps on projects for all types of organisations from SMEs to blue chip multinationals. She helps the client to articulate their business problems as a set of prioritised user stories which the team can elaborate and estimate. These commitments are used to create the commercial framework and budget for the solution, and the team will refine them into executable specifications using Gherkin / Specflow, which form the user acceptance criteria.

Once the contracts are signed, the team kicks the project off by provisioning a standard dev/test and TeamCity-based Continuous Integration environment, using cloud services like GitHub (for version control) and SauceLabs (for selenium-based testing). Michaela is involved in the planning, architecture and solution design meetings where the team applies endjin's best practices and library of intellectual property to the new problem. The output of this process is a prioritised backlog of work maintained in YouTrack and organised into blocks of two week iterations.

In delivery mode, the team are responsible for choosing their own work. This gives Michaela an opportunity to pick tasks which are a balance between the “dirty work” and more challenging items which help her achieve her personal development goals; but always with an eye on the commitments to quality, time, and budget that the team have made to the client. Of course she's not working in isolation, and she participates in group design meetings, pairing sessions and code crits. She also works with senior endjineers to identify patterns, libraries and tools that can be refactored into endjin's core intellectual property portfolio and open source projects. Because she's often working with cutting edge technology she's called upon to give feedback to endjin's technology partners, such as Microsoft and JetBrains. She also blogs about these things.

At the end of an iteration the team performs a demo for the client of the stories they have delivered, referring back to the basic user acceptance criteria, but also showcasing the great design and user experience. This is often recorded as a screencast for the company archive and Michaela has become a bit of a dab hand at producing these.

Outside of work, Michaela tries to work off the copious amount of free team lunches with a game of squash against her colleagues. If she fails to win she can always take her revenge in an endjin clan gaming session.

If this persona sounds like you, or the career you'd like to have, we'd love to talk to you.

Just say hello@endjin.com


One of endjin's primary objectives is to do whatever we can to improve the state of the software development profession.

We believe that the journey from apprentice to master craftsman is as applicable to our trade as any other. Our informal apprenticeship program started in 2012 and has already proven to be very successful for us.

If you are keen to pursue a career in software engineering, but don't have any formal qualifications, then endjin offer a structured, three year programme of practical, “on the job” training from industry experts, while earning a living wage!

For more information email us: apprentices@endjin.com


We recognize that everyone has to start somewhere. If you are studying for a CS or Design degree, or a related qualification, it can be very difficult to break through and get some work experience - especially in the current economic climate.

endjin are able to accept applications for short-term (paid!) internships, all year round. Over a few weeks, you'll get to see how we execute our Strategy, Experience, Development and Cloud projects, and get your hands dirty with some of the practical work.

We also offer longer placements for gap-year and sandwich students.

To find out more, drop us an email: interns@endjin.com

* A quick note to recruitment consultants and outsourcing agencies - we don't accept unsolicited CVs. Nor do we offshore any of our work. Thanks!